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 Combi Ergopack With Robotic Pick And Place Benefits

Combi Case packing Solutions

- Automatically adjust case lift height and reconfigure the servo lane diverter through recipes contained in the HMI.
- Troubleshooting and production feedback displays on O/I within seconds with Combi's custom designed states screens.
- Heavy duty welded steel frame with lifetime guarantee.
- Powered, easy load case magazine.
- Vacuum blow off prevents corrugated dust build up.
- Servo driven carriage assembly.
- Heavy-duty case lift assembly with powered case discharge.
- Dual belt drive case sealing.
- Lockout / Tagout safety disconnect.

Combi DP drop packer With 2-EZ Case Erector Features

- Reduced labor expenditure
- Higher rate of throughput - can run 24 hours a day
- Improved traceability of products, enabling better tracking and isolation of contaminated products
- Meet Retail Packaging Variations -  Varying pack counts, variety packs, retail ready packages
- Greater precision and consistency, minimizing wastage and reducing product loss due to damage
- Removal of human integration in hazardous environments, reducing workplace injuries