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10 year warranty on steel structure.

3 year unlimited cycle warranty.

1 year warranty on head and track.


With over thirty variations of the machines above, Eagle has the strapping equipment for most any application.  Contact us for custom arch sizes.

Eagle 655

Automatic strapping machine.  Self-threading EZ load and anti-jamming feature. Compact design with internal strap reel. 8"x8" core size. Adjustable tension from 20-150 lbs.  Bundles packages from 4' x 2".  110V/60Hz.  Machine dimensions: (L)44" x (W)22" x (H)59".

Eagle 800

 Automatic strapping machine.  Self-threading with anti-jamming feature.  Electronic tension control from 15.4 - 154 lbs. 3/8", 1/2" strap size.  8" x 8" core.  29 straps per minute.  Standard arch: (W)33.4" x (H)23.6".  Minimum package size: (W)4" x (H)2".  Machine dimensions: (L)56" x (W)24.4" x (H)60.6".

Eagle 100

Semi-automatic strapping machine.  Tension up to 110 lbs. Adjustable for 8" and 9" cores.  5mm-15mm strap.  Instant heat design.  Variable weld cool time.  Bundles  packages from 3".  110V/60Hz.  Machine dimensions: (L)35" x (W)22".

Eagle 710

Automatic strapping machine.  DC brushless motor technology.  Strapping head has no belts, clutches, or pulleys.  With 30% fewer parts, requires less adjustment, has fewer wearable components, and requires less maintenance.  110V/60Hz.

Eagle 210

Semi-automatic strapping machine.  Electronic tension control.  Adjustable heat.

eagle 750

Automatic strapping machine.  Self threading with internal strap reel for 8" x 8" cores.  5mm or 6mm strap.  Adjustable tension from 6.6 to 66 lbs.  40 straps per minute.  110V/60Hz.  Minimum package size: (W)8' x (H)2".  Standard arch: (W)23.6" x (H)15.7".  Machine dimensions: (L)38" x (W)21.85" x (H)52.75.

Eagle Strapping machines

WLMB-250 lumber press

Hydraulic compression ​fully automatic strapping machine.  Tailored for lumber and panel industries. 25,000 lbs. of top and side compression ensures stable, tight loads that retain high tension during transportation.  Machine dimensions: (L)58" x (W)130" x (H)131.5.  Max load height: (W)60" x (H)58".  Minimum load: (W)32 x (H)15".

Variomaster 9490

Automatic horizontal strapping machine.  Strapping head is mounted.​to movable assembly guided through linear bearings.  Pneumatically driven strap positioning device ensures horizontal strap alignment.  Machine dimensions: (L)59" x (W)139" x (H)169".  Max load: (L)50" x (W)50" x H(169". 

Variomaster 9471

​Low compression high performance automatic strapping machine.  Telescoping strapping arch for high throughput.  Compression up to 2,200 lbs.  Machine dimensions: (L)59" x (W)139" x (H)169".  12" minimum load height.

Power master

​High compression rugged automatic strapping machine. Tailored for corrugated and printing industries.  Adjustable compression up to 8,900 lbs.  Up to four strapping heads. 4,000 lb. capacity.  Machine dimensions: (L)88" x (W)139" x (L)148".  Max load: (W)80" x (H)80".  12" minimum load height.

 Variomaster 9440

High performance side seal automatic strapping machine.  Strapping head mounted on a movable assembly.  Load sensing helps provide optimal tension and welding for maximum strap placement.  Machine dimensions: (L)205" x (W)30" x (H)84.5".  Max load: (W)60" x (H)80".  30" minimum load height.

Variomaster 9460

High performance automatic strapping machine.  Strapping head mounted on top of arch.  Vertical movement via electric motor and dual chains.  Machine dimensions: (L)59" x (W)139" x (H)169".  Max load: (W)50" x (H)80".  12" minimum load height.

Wulftec Strapping Machines

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