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Anti-static films

VCI films


Paragon Torque® Hand Film Is Manufactured In A Single Inline Process, Not Pre-Stretched, Thus Roll Length/Usable Footage Remains Consistent.  It Weighs 1/2 To 1/3 the Weight Of Conventional Films.  Torque Features Less Off-wind Tension, Less Work Stoppage, Unbeatable Clarity, And Unmatched Wipe-down Cling. 

Paragon Machine Films Are Designed To Lower Your Cost Per Wrapped Load.  We Will Perform An On-Site Film Analysis To Best Match A Specific Film To Your Pallet Load Design And Stretch Equipment Performance.


Torque’s ultra thin gauge reduces packaging material consumption and costs while its folded edges provide added strength and reduced tearing.


Five Distinct Layers, Cast Manufacturing Process, High Clarity, Superior Load Retention, Ultra Thin Film Thickness, Excellent Puncture Resistance.

Paragon Hand Films

Cold Force Machine film

Highest Cling Package in the Stretch Film Market, High Clarity, Excellent Load Containment

High Stretch Level, Great Puncture Resistance.

Nexus Machine Film

This film offers exceptional load containment and control, incomparable holding force, and unbelievable puncture resistance to loads while reducing cost per unit.

Force V Machine film

One Side Cling, Easy Release For High Speed Wrappers, High Stretch Level, Tough Puncture/Tear Resistance.

Blown films

High performance Films

Pre-stretched films

 Color films

narrow width/banding

Vented wrap

Ultimate force machine film

Quiet/Clear Cast Film, Easy Unwind, One Side Cling, Puncture/Tear Resistant, High Elongation, Excellent Machinability On Automatic Equipment.


Cast Films

Paragon Machine Films


 Pipe wrap